Life Groups

Joining a Life Group is a great place to meet new people, form and build relationships.  By studying the Word of God you will discover God's Spiritual Gifts, God's Purpose for your life, and find your place in the church.

- B.L.A.S.T. Life Group: ORANGE 
Bro Joe Carillo // 412 S Devon Rd Orange,Ca 92706 

Pastor Mike Robles // 1101 W Macarthur blvd. 
Santa Ana, Ca 92707

- El Camino De Esperanza Life Group: GARDEN GROVE
Bro David Carnahan // 12152 Trask ave #4 Garden Grove,Ca 

- Household of Faith Life Group: SANTA ANA
Bro Ray Hernandez // 2522 N Laird St. Santa Ana,Ca 92706

New Generation is a ministry within the church designed to help pre-teen and early teens serve God. We provide tools to teach them how to make the right decisions, handle peer pressure, apply God's word to their lives, and many other topics. 

Victory Outreach knows that young people face many challenges growing up in today’s world. That knowledge drives us to create opportunities and positive outlets where  High School and College students will find a sense of purpose and belonging.

God’s Anointed Now Generation is versatile, and provides continuous growth for our newest members. At the same time new members will find a place to belong in a community filled with acceptance and love.